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Deine Aufgaben

Hettich Czech Republic is the competence centre for zinc die-casting production and, as a component manufacturer, an important partner in the Hettich production network. This, and our extensive product portfolio ranging from hinges to extensions, connecting fittings and technology for sliding and folding systems, has cemented our indispensable position in the Hettich world. With 650 colleagues, we manufacture products that make magical furnishing solutions possible.

Together with your managing director team colleague

  • you will be responsible for the strategic orientation of the company 
  • you ensure further development of processes, structures and a corporate culture for future growth 
  • you will bring a generalist perspective and create a framework that encourages all colleagues to contribute their strengths and creative power in a team- and network-oriented way.
  • you ensure professional and high-quality operational, productive and commercial processes/handling with a holistic view for whole Hettich interests.
  • you complement a great team that complements each other in a strength-oriented and trusting manner.

Dein Profil

  • You see yourself as a generalist, think entrepreneurially and work internally and externally as bridge builder in a network-oriented manner.
  • As a visionary, impulse generator and innovation driver, you promote change and further development.
  • You demonstrate your management, methodological and organisational development skills through practical experience.
  • You are internationally experienced and have a strong understanding of technical subjects.
  • Your partners and teams describe you as self-reflective, empathetic and communicative.
  • You know how to strengthen and encourage your staff. You are authentic and personally approachable.
  • With the right amount of assertiveness and willingness to compromise, you achieve good results.
  • High level of people management and leadership skills, collaborative and empowering approach to team development and the ability to continue to evolve corporate culture while successfully leading the business.
  • Business fluent in English; ideally in Czech language as well 

Unser Angebot

  • We, the colleagues, partners and shareholder representatives, strengthen your back.
  • We consistently focus on networks, future markets and technologies.
  • We want to work with you to develop the strategic framework that will guide our actions together and discover opportunities to implement ideas and successfully shape the future.

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Hettich und Ich

Hettich und Ich - Susanne Schwarz
Hettich und Ich - Susanne Schwarz
Hettich und Ich - Christina Kramer
Hettich und Ich - Christina Kramer
Hettich und Ich - Lars Bohlmann
Hettich und Ich - Lars Bohlmann
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Hettich und Ich - Susanne Schwarz
Hettich und Ich - Susanne Schwarz
Hettich und Ich - Christina Kramer
Hettich und Ich - Christina Kramer
Hettich und Ich - Lars Bohlmann
Hettich und Ich - Lars Bohlmann


Christina Kramer
Christina Kramer
HR Kollegin im Bereich "Gesundes Arbeiten bei Hettich"

"Ich wünsche mir in der heutigen Zeit, dass wir alle gut aufeinander aufpassen und auf die Kolleg*innen achten und ganz besonders auf uns selbst"

Ich bin seit knapp 30 Jahren bei Hettich tätig und arbeite zurzeit im Hettich Vital Team und betreue das Hettich Ehrenamt. Was es damit auf sich hat, erfahrt ihr in diesem Video.

Susanne Schwarz
Susanne Schwarz
HR Marketing/Recruiting

"Ich bin sehr-sehr glücklich, wie flexibel mir Hettich als Arbeitgeber entgegen kommt"

Ich habe 2016 als Personalreferentin in Frankenberg angefangen und bin 2 Jahre später nach Kirchlengern ins HR-Marketing gewechselt. Mittlerweile lebe in der Heimat und kann meiner Tätigkeit hauptsächlich aus dem Home Office nachgehen.

Detlef Wehbrink

Detlef Wehbrink


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